Twelve South ParcSlope Stand for MacBook and iPad Pro

The Twelve South ParcSlope is a new kind of hybrid stand that not only raises your MacBook to a more comfortable height on your workspace but also becomes a versatile creative easel for iPad Pro. This sleek metal wedge gives your MacBook the extra screen height you need, either by itself or as a part of a dual-screen setup. Set iPad Pro on ParcSlope and draw with Apple Pencil or bang out beats in GarageBand. Add screen height and better tilt-to-type to MacBook In addition to elevating your MacBook display to a more comfortable viewing height, ParcSlope angles your keyboard for typing. Three small ridges on top are perfectly positioned to allow for screen clearance on any size MacBook. The front cutaway allows for one-handed opening of your screen. ParcSlope also provides 360-degrees of air circulation for a quieter, cooler MacBook. Convenient creative easel for iPad Pro ParcSlope's extremely sturdy wedge creates a stable workstation for unrestrained contact between your fingers or Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Sketch your latest masterpiece or product design or jot notes in a meeting at a much more comfortable angle.
SKU 12-1423
- Raises MacBook screen to more ergonomic eye level - Angles iPad Pro for more comfortable sketching, drawing, or typing - Increases cooling and airflow around MacBook - Built-in cable-management system keeps connections handy and accessible
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